With experience dedicated to LF/HF/MF, MW, Satellite and Broadcast systems, Titan ÆX has positioned itself as one of the few capable of providing turnkey solutions in the LF/HF/MF and Broadcast. The company has the ability to provide its clients with cost effective and efficient network deployment, upgrade, and maintenance solutions, regardless of technology, project size or its location.

Customers expect their infrastructure services provider to be responsive to their needs in today’s challenging business environment. The skill sets and depth of our technical and professional resources are continually enhanced through ongoing training, offering our clients operational excellence . Our industry leading certifications, from a technology, quality and safety perspective, are a testament to this claim.


Titan ÆX Inc. evolved from the skills, experience, and intellectual properties gained from Leblanc and Royle. Leblanc & Royle Enterprises was a world-renowned tower manufacturer and aerial services company established in Oakville, Ontario, Canada in 1962. Through corporate changes we have changed – from  Leblanc and Royle, to Radian, then Netricom and now Titan ÆX – but we have remained committed to providing exceptional products and service to our clients.

Titan ÆX is a recognized leader in the Canadian telecommunications industry, providing professional and technical services necessary for engineering, designing, building and commissioning of wireless networks. We specialize in long range communications. Originally, Leblanc & Royle started out as the main contributor in Canada, installing tower structures for wireless infrastructure networks. Fifty-five years later, the skill set originally produced by L&R has carried over into Titan ÆX’s services.

Titan ÆX’s scope and mandate has returned to the origins, yet has advanced its knowledge to today’s standards and technology. Specializing in long range communications, the scope and scale of Titan ÆX services and capabilities are unrivaled in the market place. Titan ÆX has also expanded its capabilities, starting a Research and Development department working on projects closely with antenna manufacturers in government, industry,  and the Department of National Defence.

The size of our company and affiliated resources, and breadth of our services and capabilities, means Titan ÆX can be your single-source provider, working seamlessly with you to meet your goals and objectives – on-time, on-budget, anywhere in the country and around the world.