Titan ÆX is a leading designer, supplier, fabricator, and installer of quality specialized communication systems, towers, and masts for the telecommunications industry.  We offer complete turnkey engineering, construction, technical services, or any combination of individual services related to the design,  installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance of communication system, and infrastructure. Our list of customers range from  leading private and public sector network operators, broadcasters, government, and National Defence. 

Titan ÆX's expertise covers a full range of guyed masts from 10 inches to 16-foot face and heights up to 2300 feet as well as self-support towers up to 1000 feet.Titan ÆX also covers the related services associated with network infrastructure implementation and maintenance for Microwave, Television, Radio, National Defence and Security.

At Titan ÆX, we value and build upon the expertise and safety of our employees. We feel the key to our success is in our employees and their devlopement of high standards in the industry.  Specialized in-house training programs, efficient project management,   and skilled engineers ensure the work undertaken by our staff is safe and the products designed achieve the highest standards of excellence.